When times were much simpler ...

She had a career in government and a 2nd home 9,000 miles away. No problems as to what was the truth and plans to share our lives together after her graduation from law school and Bar passing. She married a man that was an absolute cheerleader for her success.

I dropped my cell phone and broke it. I temporarily used her US cell phone while a new one was on order. After a few days, a call in the night from a lover in Amsterdam! He was totally flabbergasted that Zorahaida was my wife. Then the Internet version of "The War of the Roses" movie began.

InterCorp USA, LLC 2007

As you read this web site ... keep in mind a few details:

1) Maria Zorahaida Subla de la Cruz married me in the United States, July 28, 2000. 

2) She never married the man from Amsterdam but it was his plan from 1998 to 2005.

3) Ms. de la Cruz married a Filipino December 15, 1988 and they have 3 daughters. 

4) Zorah represented having never married. That was Phase 1 of her scam. 

5) Married to two men, two countries plus a lover in the Netherlands.

I once asked "Is your BIR position one to cover other RP activities because you travel so extensively?" She replied "Husband, I am a very simple person and the family has business interests abroad." Her passport endorsements and visas read like she held a Foreign Service position.

My journey after receiving a call from her lover in the Netherlands was life changing. In retrospect, it all spins so differently now.