NOTE: Many pictures have not been posted out of respect for Filipinos visited in a three state area of the Northeast USA. However, a question remains as to which of her friends met ... who had full knowledge and helped her to perpetuate the scam?

 InterCorp USA, LLC 2007  
Washington, DC
          National Air and Space Museum, Chantilly, Virginia

Shenzhen, China
Broadway, New York City ;  

                                                  Hong Kong
Introduced as the "de la Cruz family vacation home" Ormoc City, Leyte. It is owned by Zorah's Mom, Thelma Villacorte Subla and is not a "de la Cruz" family property. 
Some of the activities we shared together ...    

If you read the web site and happen to know Belen ... maybe Ging, old high school mates. Perhaps Lynn (remarried in CA), in-laws and Fr. Ray we visited in New York. Email them and let them know how Zorah is doing.

Post 9/11,  New York City
Flying Grumman Tiger, Connecticut

Someday, more will be said about the "vacation home" in Ormoc City. It is more an office to entertain and conduct business a high-speed ferry ride from Cebu City and Enterprise Zone companies. There is a lot of wealth on display. Italian marble everywhere ... all manner of unopened pricey whiskey, bourbon, gin, cognac and brandy. No one in the Subla family drinks.

A spiral staircase leads upward to a fully equipped exercise room. A second floor terrace is for cocktail parties and a view to the ocean far below. However, plastic figurines in the front yard are tasteless as plastic pink lawn flamingos in Miami. The Caretaker family living in an adjacent house on the property is a "prop" to the whole thing and most probably a relative.

Thelma Villacorte Subla, it should not have been explained by Zorah "It was all for the family business." Bragging about this facet of the mythical family banking activity was overconfident and exposed too much of the true purpose of the vacation home!