At this point I digress and explain that Zorah said "The family will have serious issues with me, in particular her Dad. Because I divorced and they are so very strict Catholic. We must not meet her family just yet." She describes her family as "privileged" and members of the Redemptorist Church of Cebu. Eventually, after family comes to know me ... something will be worked out.

Her father, purported to be the President of OMNI Bank at Mahogany Court, with family members on the Board, was in fact not a banker but a Pastor of the Free Methodist Church, Butuan City. There was a sister working at the bank -- she cashed checks for Zorah while not having an account.

For a year, Mom had been in Chong Hua hospital, allegedly off and on in a coma. "Don't call cell as 24/7 with Dad, he will get mad." Preparing for the worst last year, I contacted Redemptorist Church for special prayers at early Sunday Mass. Every Priest said "de la Cruz who?" I called Mom Subla at Sto. Nino de Cebu Finance to congratulate her miraculous recovery.

A new question then surfaces: Ms. de la Cruz refuses to identify the full name of her first husband and as to where, when and was the marriage annulled? Repeated requests for that information only results in the reply "You are the investigator LOL ... you find it out."

Is Ms. de la Cruz, the scammer, a bigamist and guilty of estafa? Simply answered: YES! A Philippine Marriage Contract to another husband is posted in Chapter 6.

The lady is married to two men in two different countries ... The United States and the Republic of the Philippines.

Per The REVISED PENAL CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES, Book Two. Title Twelve, Crimes Against The Civil Status Of Persons, Chapter Two, Illegal Marriages:

Article 349. Bigamy, -- The penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed upon any person who shall contract a second or subsequent marriage before the former marriage has been legally dissolved, or before the absent spouse has been declared presumptively dead by means of a judgement rendered in the proper proceedings.

Ma. Zorahaida Subla de la Cruz is a bigamist and scammer. She is unfit to hold any government position or be an attorney.

We all have been bothered by that pesky web site offering to "Locate Your Classmates." Here's an interesting classmate: -- select the "Cached" result:  

Which raises a question: Why would Maria Zorahaida S. de la Cruz graduate New Ormoc City NHS at age 17 instead of Maria Zorahaida Villacorte Subla? One could conclude she was proving her family name to be de la Cruz and not Subla. Why? Was this part of a scam for someone else?
License and Certificate of Marriage 

Read statements in the BRIDE portion of the Marriage Certificate below as it is proof that Ms. de la Cruz was intent on perpetrating a scam.

MA. ZORAHAIDA SUBLA DE LA CRUZ  has sworn to the Registrar in Danbury, CT this is her 1st marriage when in fact it is her 2nd marriage and other information is falsified to support the response.

FATHER'S NAME: Marianito P. De La Cruz is a false response -- as it should have been "Marianito P. Subla."

MOTHER'S MAIDEN NAME: Thelma V. Subla, again a false response --  it should have been "Thelma Villacorte."
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