My wife brought me an Intel Motherboard ... was it BIR property?

The motherboard she brought as a gift was a genuine Intel Motherboard with a Pentium 4, 2.40GHz processor sealed in anti-static wrap. A Model D845GBV, Feb/2003, S.N. ABBV229800209 AA   A84540-301.

The lover in the Netherlands admitted to also receiving the same gift.

If my gift be stolen from BIR IT inventory? I would be pleased to return the Motherboard to facilitate at the very least her termination from government employment.

I was given a copy of Microsoft Windows XP Professional registration: 55274-640-1022547-23370. Actually, two versions (another from the UK) with different registration numbers and other software titles. Should it be your Microsoft license -- please contact me.


I made deposits in a bank account for Law School at University of San Carlos ...

If moneys intended for completing a law school education, expenses and Bar Passing were instead used for personal purposes -- should the BIR official have declared those funds as income? 

Worse than that! "Husband I have to pay for bribing the test administers that work for the Judges ... it is the retirement plan they all have so to speak. Dad is vehemently against this sort of thing but I must do it anyway. Mom is only able to pay half because Dad monitors her accounts so closely." I sent the money immediately and 4 nearly equal payments were written supporting that 4 of the 8 sections of Bar Exam study groups attended in Manila were paid. Yuks!

Again, back to income not declared, i.e. accrued back taxes, interest and penalties for the years 2000 through 2005 can be supported 100% by my bank and credit card records.


Ms de la Cruz discusses common tax violations related to non-declaration of incomes in Sun Star -- that's like the pot calling the kettle black!

In an article in Sun Star Cebu she discusses "BIR readies legal charges vs. 2 tax evaders in region" The most inciteful statement might be "de la Cruz said common violations of taxpayers were related to non-declaration of income and "over-claims" or excess claims on expenses. She declined to give more details." Wa'y Blima! I can help the BIR there! 

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 InterCorp USA, LLC 2007  
Bureau of Internal Revenue, Revenue Region 13 Office, center left in picture above.

Is it naive to expect BIR Revenue Region 13 to clean their own house?

Yes, especially when the Subla family is so "plugged into the BIR house". Thelma Subla walks in and out and visits her daughter Zorah ... and any official of the BIR she pleases. 

Didn't Mom Subla and another daughter once work there as well? Surely, there is a law or rule that forbids nepotism in the same government office? Not so.

One is to wonder: How did Ma. Zorahaida Subla de la Cruz get such a great position with the BIR? That would be easy to answer if you believe the rumor -- Zorah's mother, Thelma Villacorte Subla, was friends with two high BIR official since moved to Manila.

Again, I wonder what kind of business was conducted at the Ormoc City vacation home?" It is a question for newspapers to ask while practicing some investigative journalism.

Ms. de la Cruz Zorah lies so convincingly ... I would not believe anything she says even if her tongue came notarized.