An embarrasment to the Canadian Ambassador or it should be...

Police Inspector Ong, BIR's Zorahaida de la Cruz, DYAB Radio Anchor Leo Lastimosa,Voices of Islam's Ustadz Najeeb Rasul, Businessman Joni Chan. A conference for the public "Kulokabildo.Com" regarding "Anti-Piracy and Protection of Intellectual Property" was held at Ayala Mall in July, 2006. Source: DYAB Abante Bisaya archives. 

So you know ... Ms. de la Cruz openly bragged she never purchased a legitimate CD, DVD or computer software program in her life! I have several "rip-off" examples brought here to back up the statement.

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Canada provides funding for BIR Contact Center

Canadian Ambassador Peter Sutherland looks on as Zorah Dela Cruz of the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s regional office in Cebu City answers a call from Manila using the newest contact center launched recently by the BIR to respond to taxpayers’ inquiries and requests.

Ambassador Sutherland and BIR Regional Director Jaime Santiago (right) witnessed and launched the expanded design and technology of the BIR Contact Center whose pilot area was in Cebu City.  This innovation was developed with funding from the Canadian International Development Agency’s (CIDA) Policy, Training, and Technical Assistance Facility (PTTAF)

A question most profound concerns the first few days of this web site. How could the web hosting "stats" for a new web site, not yet acquired by search engines, show visits from Australia, Canada, HK China, Sweden, Germany and UK in addition to the Philippines and US from where it starts?

A very simple answer -- it was forwarded by many sending the link to others to view it. That would include friends and enemies that are members of the Ma. Zorahaida de la Cruz fan club.

On the left a complimentary key chain given to friends and acquaintenances of Jaime B. Santiago, Regional Director, Revenue Region No. 13 as said on the back. The souvenir dog tags right purchased at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Perhaps Santiago might want to swap? 

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The Japanese came in and spent money on IT for the BIR. Then the Canadians came and gave even more. The Swedes are next in queue to make collections better than now and increase efficiency.

Seems the BIR has already proven their efficiency at something.

The US will fight to get another turn to offer IT aid. Many stateside officials are still wondering where the 10's of millions went including the "fertilizer fund" scam of 2003. It is the cost of doing business in a poor country when a richer country wants something. 

Canadian Ambassador and Regional Director look on as my wife Zorah does that which she does best.

The Philippine Marriage Contract ...

I was challenged, as stated in Chapter 3, regarding my question as to who is her other husband. Zorah replied "You are the investigator LOL ... you find it out."

Challenge accepted ... below is a duly authorized copy of the Marriage Contract of Ms. de la Cruz to her first husband as provided by the NSO, Cebu City. Also acquired duly authorized Birth Certificates of the three daughters but not posting them.

There was no record that the first marriage was annulled. 

If anyone knows her Filipino husband -- I can only imagine what stories she may have spun or the hell he was put through. I would recommend reviewing anything she may say in a new and fresh perspective. She fluently spins her lies as the truth.