Closure is not closure ... 

It is merely the closing of earlier chapters.

The journey is not over yet as have embraced the computer again and installed MS Speech Recognition to type all that I dictate. When I have a spare moment, keep adding more recollections of her deceit for either chapters of a book or a more informative web site. If a real book is to be ...the title shall be "Angel66", a password she used frequently. 

You cannot imagine how many emails, Fedex receipts, Western Union for flowers, credit card bills and bank statements have been collated for a time line.

Maria Zorah, you misjudged me so ... am not embarrassed and will not run and "drop it" as you so presumed.

I am absolutely disappointed and overwhelmed by your total lack of character and what a piece of crap you truly are.

 InterCorp USA, LLC 2007  


Ms. de la Cruz volunteered she had never married because 3 weeks prior to a very large and formal wedding -- her fiancee suddenly died in an automobile accident. 

As her story goes ... she then decided to distract herself from her mourning by fully concentrating on  studies attaining a Masters in Public Administration and then on to law school to be an Attorney. The Masters in PA is fact. Her claim to graduating from Law School and multiple trys at the Bar passing, which I financed via a joint bank account, is absolute fiction.

I asked as to what would be her legal specialty? Her reply was Criminal Law. I thought that odd at the time. However, in retrospect, it is really quite funny.

It was my tradition to send a text message on our Wedding Anniversary ...

"Everdearest Maria Zorahaida Subla de la Cruz ... will you marry me and be my wife?" And you always replied "Yes my Husband ... I will marry you for life." This year you went silent.

This so reminds me of a beautiful and soulful song by the late Peggy Lee that's discusses going to the circus and then a fire: "Is that all there is?"

It is a remarkable song that says it all. Look it up.

A very special MERRY CHRISTMAS greeting from the Christmas Tree at the window. A beacon of the season's true spirit.

Regarding my quest for information about Beverly Hills residents ... 

It was a distraction ... published so Ms. de la Cruz would comfortably believe I was following the false trail instead of researching the important questions. 

I was shown the Beverly Hills compound so I would know where the parent's family home was located,  even though I could not meet them yet because they were so Catholic and I had been married and divorced. T
he scenario was absolutely priceless and it was Phase 2 of her scam. Eventually, I will share the entire story. It is amazing how 20/20 vision returns after the love is gone.

There was a very subtle flaw. It all came back to me during Mom's nearly year long "coma" at Chong Hua hospital. It was something one of the guards said. It was obviously another prop to the scam not so obvious. How much money did you pay the security guards at the gate for their part?  

My God, Zorahaida was so dedicated ... staying at the hospital 24/7 only to go home for a change of clothes. Constant bedside attention with Dad washing her Mom and massaging her muscles.

I would not want to stand anywhere near Ms. de la Cruz or Mom Thelma Villacorte Subla. The Almighty might comment and send down a bolt of lightning.

I don't need an IP number to find the coffee cup pictured to the right as it is my Jollibee mug that joins with a buttered and toasted bran muffin every morning in the USA. 

I have grown tired of of English muffins -- no pun intended.

I sweeten my morning coffee by reading emails that have journeyed into this link provided: 

The Christmas Tree that waits at the window ...


If the moral and ethical compass of a law student does not measure up ... why let her matriculate?

University of San Carlos - College of Law

Objectives of Legal Education

The Department of Education, Culture and Sports through its DECS Order No. 27, Series of 1989 has enumerated the following objectives of legal education:

  • To prepare the students for the practice of law
  • To produce especially committed members of the legal profession of competence and integrity with an awareness of the needs of deprived and oppressed sectors of society
  • To train persons for national leadership
  • To contribute toward the promotion and advancement of justice and the improvement of its administration, the legal system and legal institutions in the light of the historical and contemporary development of law in the country and in other countries of the world.
A few years ago I found an old Christmas tree, abandoned with it's original cardboard box, in the dumpster of my apartment complex. The tree was very dirty, shedding it's ornaments, the sockets didn't work and it had an overall color of orange brown, having lived in a smoker's envirionment. It was from an earlier time and had potential ... almost an antique and of quality.

The tree was handmade of artificial materials and although needing a lot of restoration ... it was obviously special and had been very expensive. I carefully washed everything leaf by leaf, replaced the sockets, found new ornaments in keeping with the design and even the colored bulbs that were no longer available. When finished, it was absolutely elegant and brilliant white.

This was to be my finest Christmas present ever to my wife ... to always remain illuminated at the window waiting for her return to her USA home. At the last minute, she cancelled her Christmas visit because she had to meet the family in Florida for a private get together. I was disappointed but she was scheduled for the next Bar Exam and soon the living apart would be over.

A few weeks ago I called the agency that scheduled her hotel stay in Florida to meet with the family. During Christmas. She instead booked a cabin for two for a romantic one week trip to the Bahamas aboard a Carnival Cruise ship. Wife, you are an absolute piece of  - - - - !

The Christmas Tree has a far greater elegance than my wife ... it will stay and does not return to the dumpster. The original box did but herein is the minor miracle of coincidences. There was an Invoice to Macy's, New York City, dated October, 1947. The year of the movie "Miracle on 34th Street" which takes place at Macy's department store in New York City. It is an absolute film classic. 

This very special Christmas Tree, through my story and by it's special elegance, brings forth a true spirit of Christmas to my neighbors. During the holidays It still appears in the window but is now a beacon of Christmas spirit for others. God has a fascinating sense of humor. God bless all.