Make no mistake about the purpose of this web site ... 

It is an Ocean Fishing Trawler that sets sail out to sea dragging a large (Internet) behind to gather information and share the story. Let all be a warned -- present and potential business partners -- and suitors to run for your lives.

Did I love this woman? Of course I did and married her. That is all past now. She was personable and clever. Too clever and a hell of a liar. She could charm anyone ... especially foreigners.

Would I have forgiven her? At first considered it. I offered her a fresh start and the opportunity to finish law school in the US at Yale only 20 miles away. As more became known about the way the whole family functioned -- the offer was quickly and totally withdrawn.


Do I respect the Filipino people? Absolutely, I have traveled 23 countries and not met any better.

When one really understands Filipino history and not the untruths offered up in US textbooks -- I saw the opportunity when I eventually moved to the Philippines 6 months a year to mend some wrongs. As my background was physics ... wanted to create self-help industry and bring technology to the most rural and impoverished. That dream is now totally off my plate and saddens me greatly.

The Filipino people have something that no other nationality can duplicate. Who else, with a genuine smile, offer hospitality and share all they have with a stranger -- yet they have nothing for themselves.

The reality of it all is that she is a bigamist, scammer and committed estafa while playing her game at a higher level than most and should be prosecuted.

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