Letter to the President of the Republic of the Philippines ...
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I was told by a family member that a picture posted here caused humiliation and mental anguish.

As such, have replaced the photographs of my supposed family. Most especially, mother-in-law Thelma, sisters-in-law Inday, Jingle and brother-in-law Edoy. 



Madam President,

I am asking for your help to request the Office of the Ombudsman and Civil Service Commission investigate Ms. Ma. Zorahaida Subla de la Cruz, a BIR Revenue Region 13 employee.

Ms. de la Cruz, a scammer and bigamist, is guilty of estafa. As Public Information Officer,  Head, Taxpayers Assistance Unit and Asst. Chief of Collections Division -- her moral and ethical compass are unsuitable for the position she holds.

Ms. de la Cruz travels too much for a "simple person" as she claims. A thorough review of travel history should be part of an investigation of activities while a government employee. 

My criticism of the BIR Regional Director may seem misdirected but after many attempts via telephone and emails to reach him -- Ms. de la Cruz would immediately send emails in reply saying "I am untouchable and you cannot do anything to me!" She boasts "Bigamy was good for a past President and no one cares." Why is Ms. de la Cruz's job so secure?

This web site is extremely well read and always surpasses 25 countries monthly. Filipinos, in-country and OFW's, read it frequently. A cheer will go up if Ms. de la Cruz is publicly toppled. The self-aggrandizing opinion she has of herself is totally unwarranted.

Madam President, again I ask for your help in this matter and would be most gratified that one very bold scammer working under the umbrella of a government office be promptly dispatched and properly punished according to Philippine law.

I am available to meet any agency representative at your Consulate General, New York or travel to the Philippines to file any documents required.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration of my request.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo  Malacañang Palace Republic of the Philippines

Most respectfully,

Tim Gordon English  Connecticut USA

I have strong feelings about the importance of law, ethics and accepting a bribe:

Not only is it a crime for a BIR employee to accept a bribe to pay lower taxes -- it is a greater crime denying the proper collection of taxes due the Republic of the Philippines. 

By my reasoning, stealing from the Republic is stealing from it's law abiding tax paying citizens. 

The very act of accepting a bribe -- should be aggressively investigated, prosecute offenders and eliminate any and all retirement benefits.

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