Nothing changes! 

Zorah's Hotmail account shown displaying "kchen" when online. Normally the MSN symbol or red Chrysanthemum prevails. 

When Zorah shows she's online  the beach chairs and umbrella fly out.and phrase "Waiting for you" in Mandarin says "business as usual" in the Philippines.

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Who read this web site? The answer to that question is fascinating ... 

The webmaster statistics from the web host supplier are available three different ways: 1) "Awstats",  2) "Webalizer" and 3) "Latest Visitors" formats. The numbers differ slightly and also the resolving of countries by recorded IP number.

Statistics for the first complete month of Internet presence: September, identified by "Awstats count: 1,095 unique visitors and by "Webalizer" count: 1,252 unique visitors. List of total countries resolved was 29 plus US territory of Guam and American Samoa. The web site has a process of synergy that makes it take on a life of it's own and fresh visitors keep arriving.

By count, the trend of the first two formats: Top"hits" on the web site are from USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Canada and UK. Changing order slightly depending on which counter.

Most fascinating was the #7 ranking (now settled to #10) of the US Government, add the Educational, Non-Profit ("think tank" types), Military and occassionally The Department of State. The Philippine government, through their many agencies, are always there. Many stateside agencies are laughing at my style of "tilting at windmills" style of bringing the wife and the Bureau of Internal Revenue office that shields her, without punishment, to a world forum. Wa'y Blima! I only speak the truth.

The Regional Director brings attention to himself. What is his thinking and why?

The Regional Director brings much too much attention to himself by protecting Ms. de la Cruz. What is his thinking? Something seems very wrong with a management call to just let it blow over. Hopefully, the noise of it all will get back to the President at the Malacañang Palace. 

Know this: The web site is getting increasing "reads" and comments by a world audience holding an opinion the Philippines government is still very corrupt and needs a real "cleaning." The opportunity now exists for a quick demonstration of change. Simply investigate Ms. de la Cruz promptly and see what else you find.

The Regional Director for lack of action raises questions. Was Zorah the "go between" the RD and company executives? Or, it may simply be the process that she is innocent until proven guilty.

Special Update:  I would like to compare notes with the PAF Colonel who took Zorah to LA while he played in a golf tournamant and other places in-country.

Was it a good idea to give Zorah so much money -- which she brought to the office and then asked workmates "Have you ever touched 1 million pesos?"

How could such a thief work herself up so high in the system unnoticed?

 It takes us back to the original question but I will be more explicit this time: Is scamming condoned (within) government as "business as usual" in the Philippines?

I can tell you that all calls to the office of Zorahaida de la Cruz were treated quite differently from as before the web site went up -- every workmate that answered the telephone tried to quickly extricate themselves from any conversation.

However, always within minutes, an email from Zorah bragging I could not touch her -- no one here cares ... and I am (she) untouchable!

This I can definitely say: Those that ended the conversation as rapidly as possible -- now had a new understanding about who really payed for their generous lunches, gifts and entertainment!

Although I never ever identified myself as Zorah's husband to the BIR staff. That was done by the discarded lover from Amsterdam. After he contacted me -- I provided him a picture to prove I was "the airplane man" that she spoke of so often. He sent the same picture of her stepping off the wing of a plane (see "Grumman Tiger" Chapter 2) along with the message:


Subj:  FW: picture, Date: 7/21/2006 11:32:27 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time 

Hi Maria,

All addressed here have a picture now - somehow & due to the matter at hand blurred, but still. We are all inclined to keep your mother, husband and children out of this. Must be out of the same respect for you and your life's "story" that made us blind until now for what you appeared to be all along. Anyway, I guess you'd better start some serious damage control - Mrs. English.

For me, it is time to apologize to your family and mine, to friends (mutual or not), for believing you instead of them. I have no other excuse than love, silly love (as I guess I was born stupid).


... to email addresses of her office at BIR, sisters and myself. It was very destructive and not of my choice.

Obviously, the email was not opened by Ms. de la Cruz and it reached BIR Director Santiago. That so invalidates the phrase "Honor among thieves ..." and Ms. de la Cruz became toast! 

Having said: "and Ms. de la Cruz became toast!" ... it's very funny to read but is just so not the truth at hand. Ms. de la Cruz's sudden "resignation" as explained by all that answer her phone is an absolute fabrication. She's just flying under the radar for the moment waiting for whole matter to blow over and this web site to die. 

Apparently, the Regional Director gives his blessing to the current strategy of damage control but shouldn't  Ms. de la Cruz stop using the visitor parking spaces in front of the BIR main entrance?

Above, in descending order, "kchen", me and sister "Jingle." Since publication -- Ms. de la Cruz abandoned the account.

A planned move to the Philippines has become an unrealistic option ...   

The cost to live in the USA full-time instead of sharing homes in two countries with my wife Zorah necessitated rejoining the work force.

It was time to re-invent myself into something I used to do well among so many other things done well in my lifetime. I applied for a Private Detective's License as having generously exceeded the criteria of working experience for others. It was my turn to be the licensee.

Then two of her emails came:


Subj: Re: re. Web Stats, Date: 9/4/2006 7:51:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time 

and by the way. I will make sure your private investigator license will be revoked because of what you have been doing. let us see where the war of the roses goes :-)




Subj: Re: re. Web Stats, Date: 9/4/2006 8:17:23 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time

I have already sent emails and posted on the net your PI License so that they all will be careful in doing business with a private investigator like you with the website you made to show what sloppy person you are and what kind of an investigator you will be.  And well, you want to deal with senators? Well you can very well can do now :-)   


Having emailed that to me, I contacted my licensing authorities should they require an explanation and/or documentation -- it is all here.

Need to investigate a scammer? Click on this link:  

Skills blossomed at this web site now go to the service of a growing list of clients. I have an untiring quest for the truth and use this web site as a showcase for my investigative style.


A few years ago I suggested as a Birthday present -- a web site for my wife to use. The domain name was to be "" as you view here today. She was totally disinterested but then how was I to know she had already "been there and done that!" Hindsight is always 20/20 and suggests Ms. de la Cruz should have kept the domain name forever rather than being hoisted by her own petard.

Yehey! Search results 

Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz. Product Research and Development Head Filipino-owned and operated IT company based in the Philippines with branches located in Laguna, Quezon and in ...

Thank you everyone that reads and forwards this web site ...  

I genuinely believe it is important to continue my campaign causing this one government office to clearly look at themselves in a mirror that is bright and clear. She is your employee -- deal with it!

The large Multi-National companies in Cebu and nearby in the Special Economic Zones do clearly  leave their electronic signatures and come back to see if there are any changes. 

Wow, lots of Filipinos in San Francisco area ... how many pages have you printed?

A special "thank you" to the OFW's all over the world that read and forward this web site as great gossip. Please keep sending it to friends.

As Martha Stewart would say "It's a good thing."